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I have read stories here for a while, and sometimes even smile when I have hardcorepub things. My own awakening gay old public toilets. From the beginning she moved to an early age that my mother had secretly masturbating announce catalog Littlewood seeing pictures of male underwear models, and of course, I deal with the bits in the locker room men crawled to the local baths that was my secret, I thought it was the only one who did. But it was in a public bathroom, I realized that men have sex with men. I had never used, however, have a pee in and out of work, then one day I had a look at one of the cabins, I can not even remember why I first saw in the stories of men masturbating or sucking each others cocks. While there I drove to read the stories and see the cock Graphitti gentlemen and I have my pants and underwear down and I have an erection, I heard someone come into the bathroom, locked the door and sat on the toilet waitingneed to urinate and a license, entered the next room and sat there and took my erection in my hardcorepub hand to listen to undo her clothes.. The next sound I heard was later I realize every time they want to hear is the sound of the same jerk. I do not remember how long I sat there, but the next thing was a piece of paper what had happened was subjected to partition, where it was a nine-inch gap at first ignored him, but then took part in over my cabin . No pick I could read, ' What do you know how old you are, ' I can still remember the feeling that my heart was racing, the next thing to happen for something I'll never forget, I heard what happen next I see two hands on the floor through the hole, then his face appeared in the gap and looked at me and especially my cock in hand, met with a word 'nice. ' I know, that's when I realized I was gay, because otherwise what I felt at that moment that wsee and admire as my hard cock was pure magic, and when he said, getting up I did hardcorepub was look up between my legs and I felt like I was running through my body. Let me see how to masturbate, he said, and when for the first time masturbating while someone was watching all I could hear his words began, 'which is very young man, that's good ' is giving up the first time I went to a sex total, without stopping, he said, do not stop, hardcorepub I come, stood up and I can hear, as he shuffled could'nt leave straw, which was half way out and I thought it was I heard the door open. just told me she thought she was in the cab to come to me, if my door is pushed, we did'nt have a lock. I was completely naked, a carrying bag that hardcorepub had clothes, was a man about 50 years, straightened her tail against its belly, the foreskin back completely exposing the almost purple swollen head, who had never seen a man with an erection to see. pushd the door and stand in the bag, went directly to hardcorepub his knees and with one hand behind me on my ass the other jerk my hand away from my cock and took it, I stood and looked down to see what he was doing to me, to this day I remember the first hardcorepub touch. I have no idea how he could endure forced me, I did'nt want to stop what he was doing to me. Hands up and down my legs felt like my balls, her fingers went between my cheeks and I had the crease. He did not resist when you lift your foot to remove his trousers and underpants, nor do I resist, I even helped me when I was hardcorepub stripped naked. I know it sounds rude, but he made ​​love there in that cabin, as if to say I fucking love me, and sucks cock felt good. He wanted to fuck my ass, but when I tried it and it hurt too much, there would'nt be established to carry out its tail between its hind legs and took off, the straw that way, at exactly the same time he himself came. I met him several times in the bathrooms, where the two occasionally fun with others for a particular group. He was the first man to fuck my ass and his was the first time to fuck, but in no case was the last.
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